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Using Affirmations for Success

Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking. They are not statements that you wish to be true; they are statements that you must believe are true. This book digs deeper into the use and benefits of the use of affirmations.

​Secret Brain System

Manifestation Miracle

Press Interview Fundamentals

This guide will properly prepare you for interviews with electronic, digital 
and print media. In this book, you’ll get information in key areas the interview including Style and Substance; Things to Consider; Crafting the Message; The Interview Presentation; Getting Back to Message and Putting Words in Your Mouth

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​Digital Vision Board:​ Mind Movies 4.0 - A Mind Movie is a digital vision board that allows users to create short, powerful movies filled with uplifting images and videos, positive present-tense affirmations, emotionally inspiring music and super-charged subliminal audio tracks of what they want to happen in their reality.

​​12 Step Approach to Sponsorships

This book is designed to help you learn how to get sponsorship funding for your programs, events and activities.  In this book, I share with you inside information to “crack the code” so that you can achieve the same results as many who have learned and applied these tips from my workshops held throughout. 

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​​The Little Book of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are present tense, positive words crafted to make an emotional connection and encourage positive outcomes in your life. In this eBook, you’ll get affirmations in five areas of life; Spirituality, Money & Business, Health & Well-being, Love & Relationships and Family & Friends.

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Success Blocker Quiz

Millionaire Mindset: Affirm Your Way to Financial Abundance

You already recognize that rich individuals think differently than middle class or poor individuals – in every aspect of life. But particularly when it comes to money. That's why they're rich. Their selections and decisions just by nature bring about riches.  This book provides insight on affirming your way to financial abundance.

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